Öraefa glacier

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Iceland Land of Fire &Ice

Iceland is Europe’s westernmost country, and occupies a strategic location in the North Atlantic,
straddling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, on the edge of the Arctic Circle. One of the coldest countries in
the world, it is also one of the world’s most volcanological active hot spots. Iceland is known today for
its mix of glaciers, bubbly hot springs, rugged fjords and fiery volcanoes.

Iceland can give you a totally unique diving experience you cannot get anywhere else: diving between two.
tectonic plates, astride the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the fault line where two of the Earths tectonic plates
are drifting apart. It is not only unique, but it is also exclusive only few people have dared to try the
experience. To get to the diving site, you first must drive deep into geothermal territory and tectonic.
plate activity. If you are not yet thrilled enough, you can drive the next day to its glaciers in the south
and race snowmobiles.

The country is the most sparsely populated in Europe, with just 383,000 people living in an area the size.
of England or the US state of Kentucky. Over half of the population lives down in its southwestern corner,
around Reykjavik, the small but cosmopolitan capital. The other decent-sized population center is Akureyri,
up on the north coast.