Warning Warning Warning Warning

Do not walk on the new lava it is thin shell and down there is over 1000 . If you step down you will burn very bad and if you go all well then you are gone.

Warning walking on the lava
Picture from the webcam ruv.is

“Man has little regard for the forces of nature that are there on the move, if something goes wrong. In the eruption area, the danger is real and there are people standing in real life, but not in front of a computer where things are virtual reality, and it is possible to buy a life. “

Be very very careful where you go and be on marked track and take notich for the gas coming from the volcano amd from the lava, respect the nature we never know what she can do form time to time, what you see one minut can be different next minute, so be with full coutchion when you take walking to the new lava.

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