Travel to Iceland from 1. April

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From 1. of April travelers to Iceland from red color country have to go to 5 days guaranty before they can take travel around the country.

Hotels in Reykjanesbær, Reykjavík, to the north and in the East Fjords will receive passengers from red countries who must quarantine for five days in an epidemic house according to a regulation that takes effect on 1 April.


  • Preregister electronically before departure. Pre-registration does not constitute a travel authorization.


  • Submit a certificate of a negative PCR-test for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) before boarding an aircraft or ship to Iceland and again upon arrival. The negative test result must have been collected no more than 72 hours before departure (on the first leg of the journey). Rapid antigen tests are not valid. The certificate must be submitted in either Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, or English. Certificates in other languages are not considered valid. The results of the test must be pre-recorded. The fine for violating the rule requiring a negative PCR test is 100,000 Icelandic Krónur (ISK) for residents and Icelandic nationals. Non-citizens and non-residents without a negative PCR tests will be refused entry at the border.


  • Take two tests to screen for the presence of COVID-19 after arrival in Iceland, with a mandatory 5-6 day quarantine between each test. Sampling is free of charge. Note exceptions to the rule below.


  • Complete quarantine with a negative result (no virus is found) following the second screening.


  • We recommended that all travelers download the “akning C-19R” app. This app is intended, among other things, to communicate negative results from COVID-19 screenings and assists the health authorities with the tracing of infections when necessary.


  • Travel directly to the quarantine station after arriving at the border stop, by airbus, taxi, rental car, or a private vehicle that has been left for you at the airport. Travelers are advised to stay overnight at a guesthouse near the border station if they are tired from their journey or in the case of unfavorable weather conditions.


  • Persons who are unable to demonstrate an adequate isolation/quarantine location are required to stay in a quarantine facility. Those who are diagnosed with a variant of the virus that is more contagious and/or leads to a more serious illness are unconditionally required to stay in a quarantine facility.


More information is here


You are not allowed to take look at the eruption in Geldingardal when you go to guaranty, therefore if you are planning just to see the volcano you chose other time or give you at least 7 days for the trip. It is expecting that the volcano will last for month even years.

The rules will expire at the end of April.

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