Travel to and within Iceland

Cocid19 Iceland

In very short:

Who can travel to Iceland?

  • Icelandic citizens and their families.
  • People with permanent residency in Iceland.
  • Residents of the EEA/EFTA area.*
  • Citizens of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino or Vatican City.*
  • Others need to apply for exemptions in advance.

The main rules at the border on testing and quarantine:

PLEASE NOTE that unnecessary travelling from high-risk countries is banned. The ban does not apply to foreigners residing in Iceland, including on the basis of a residence permit or other kind of right of residence, family members of Icelandic citizens and foreign nationals residing in Iceland, foreigners who are in long-term domestic partnerships with Icelandic citizens or foreign nationals who are legally residing in Iceland, foreign nationals who are able to show a certificate of vaccination or a certificate that they have had COVID-19 and are no longer infectious. Further information on exceptions from the ban can be found here. If you are travelling from a high-risk country but exempt from the ban, you can get forms for exemption on the National Commissioner Office’s website.

These rules are valid until 31 May.Beware of to give you enough time, if you are coming to the country to see the volcano you need to give you at least 2 days because it take up to 12 hour to get result from the covid test. You can get more information here



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