Kerlingarfjöll are into the middle of the highlands, there is much to see and many walking paths around the area. There you can stay in guesthouse who is open all year round.

Kerlingarfjöll’s protection value is first and foremost based on the unique and rare geology of the area. Kerlingarfjöll is categorized as an ancient central volcano that covers over 140 square kilometers and contained
therein are two caldera fragments as well as numerous acid and intermediate eruption relics. The mountains have been dated and are all presumed to have formed during the last ice age.
The oldest rock is found in Draugafell (336,000 years old) and the youngest in Fannborg (79,000 years old), but the age of the calderas is unknown. Great rhyolite mountains characterize the area and give the mountains
their unique, light color. Kerlingarfjöll is the second largest rhyolite area in Iceland, after the Torfajökull area.


High-temperature geothermal areas like Kerlingarfjöll are rare; there are only around 20 in the whole of Iceland. All areas are tied to the volcanic belts that lie across the country, and the heat comes from shallow magma chambers or hardening magma sills in the bedrock. Energy production has disturbed some of these areas, which raises the protection value of unspoiled geothermal areas, like Kerlingarfjöll.


The area

Where to stay

At Kerlingafjöll is building with 20 double rooms and have 10 smaller huts with 1 to 4 beds, the campsite is large and quite well equipped. Guests staying in the sleeping bag facilities or the camp site have access to a kitchen.

There is a restaurant who offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Hiking trail

Beautiful marked and unmarked hiking routes suitable for all. Whether it is heading for the mountain tops or exploring one of the biggest geothermal areas in Iceland you can be certain that Kerlingarfjoll will take you by surprise.

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