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When we talk about middle highland, we are talking about aria above 400 m over sea level, and it is around 76% of all land.

The most name of the area is Kaldidalur,kjölur,Sprengisandur,Ódáðahraun,Brúar-and vesturöræfi,Lónsöræfi and Landmanna-og Síðafréttur.



Travel over the highland on the historical age was much then on horses but many time on foot and did take many days to travel over the highland. But when superstition did grow up in the early 1500 did travel over the highland fall down until around 1800 .Today it is rather easy to travel over the highland and that thanks to Landsvirkjun, power company how did build road when they where building PowerStation’s .



When we are going over Kaldidalur(route number F35)we start our trip in Þingvellir (Route number 52) who is Natural Park and where the parliament was establish in 930. We drive from there to the north and when we are driving from Thingvellir we see the mountain Skjaldbreid(1060m)how is a shield volcano.When we are coming near Hallbjarnavörðu we take go the right on route F35 on Kaldidalur route.The highest point of this road is Langihryggur(727m) We drive between 2 glaciers Ok(1198m) on the left side and Þórisjökull(1350m) on the right sighted, but be careful the road there is very bad. When you come over the highlands road you can drive to the glacier and take a trip on the glacier with snow mobile or big truck.

Then you are going to go down to Húsafell where you can find swimming pool and get you dinner before you go further on to Borgarfjordur.




When you go from south to the north over Kjolur (route number F37) you start your trip over the Kjol in the golden waterfall and go over Bláfellsháls and drive over where the white river start his travel to the se and this is the river who made the golden waterfall, be aware the road is bad and be careful when you drive .It take ca 2 hours to drive to Kerlingafjöll  where it was snow paradise for skiing but now days because of the global warming the snow is smelting faster but there is a beautiful are to take a look at .





From Kerlingafjöll to Hveravellir is ca 1,5 hour driving to  Hveravellir is one of the most beautiful geothermal areas in the world with smoking fumaroles and beautifully shaped with sky blue boiling water It is amazing to see around both in the summer or winter.

In Hveravellir is camping place and Hveravellir has 2 houses for accommodation. One has room for 33 people in sleeping bags, the other sleeps twenty people and is split into 3 separate rooms. During the summer months Hveravellir operates a small restaurant seating 25 people. The geothermal pool is unique, over 20 people can be there in ,both hot and cold water run into the pool and easy to regular the heat in the pool .There is a number of walking routes in the area ,for example to Rjupnafell,Thjofadali,Jökulkrók and up to or on to glacier Langjökul and longer route you can go from there ,for example to Hvítárvatn in the south or over the old route Kjalhraun .

Horse rental is in Hveravellir and there one can choose from few hours to day tours around the area.

Over the summer month goes buses from BSÍ Reykjavik and Akureyri, can get information on bus schedule here.




The higlandsroad Sprengisandur  is 200 km long and is the longest highlandroad in Iceland and is beetween the 2 glaciers Hofsjökul and Vatnajökul who is the larged glacier in europe around 8000 squer km .the road start near the voulcan Hekla in the south where another track is going to Landmannalaugar .Sprengisandur track have been  known from the time of the settlement .  In earlier times, when people were more superstitious than they are nowadays and believed in ghosts, giants, elves and outlaws, the few who dared use this route rode as fast as possible through and sometimes exhausted their horses.

The word for to exhaust in Icelandic is “sprengja”, from this word comes the name of the highlands road Sprengisandur. The present route lies further east than the original one and the distance between the last farm in the South and the first one in the North is approximately 250 km.


 Sprengisandur lyric


Ríðum, ríðum og rekum yfir sandinn,

rennur sól á bak við Arnarfell,

hér á reiki er margur óhreinn andinn,

úr því fer að skyggja á jökulsvell;

Drottinn leiði drösulinn minn,

drjúgur verður síðasti áfanginn.

Drottinn leiði drösulinn minn,

drjúgur verður síðasti áfanginn.


Þey þey! þey þey! þaut í holti tófa,

þurran vill hún blóði væta góm,

eða líka einhver var að hóa

undarlega digrum karlaróm;

útilegumenn í Ódáðahraun

eru kannske að smala fé á laun.

útilegumenn í Ódáðahraun

eru kannske að smala fé á laun.


Ríðum, ríðum, rekum yfir sandinn,

rökkrið er að síða á Herðubreið,

álfadrottning er að beisla gandinn,

ekki er gott að verða á hennar leið;

vænsta klárinn vildi ég gefa til

að vera kominn ofan í Kiðagil

vænsta klárinn vildi ég gefa til

að vera kominn ofan í Kiðagil



Ride, ride, ride over the sand

the sun is setting behind Arnarfell.

Round here there are many  spirits

’cause it’s getting dark on the glacier

Lord, lead my horse,

the last part of the way will be hard


shush, shush shush,shush! On the hill a fox ran

her dry mouth she wants to wet with blood;

or perhaps someone was calling

with a strangely dark male voice.

Outlawers in Ódáðahraun

are maybe rounding up some sheep secretly


Ride, ride, ride over the sand

There’s getting dark on Herðubreið.

The elf queen is bridling her horse.

There’s not good to meet her

My best horse I would give to

reach Kiðagil.


After we have listen to this refreshing song we start our tour in Hrauneyjar the highland center Hrauneyjar (Hálendismiðstöðin) is situated at the edge of the country’s most impressive and active volcanic area, and we are situated upon the entrance into the Highlands of Iceland 64°11´48,56 N and 19°17´07.31 W  .  The vastness and lack of human impact on the surrounding area makes it truly one of the last places inEurope where freedom, natural beauty and solitude are combined in a breathtakingly powerful experience. The hotel is well accessible by paved road all year round and is only 150 km fromReykjavik.


We drive road nr F26 to the North be ware of this road is grovel road and have to pass over rivers. Hágöngur is 40 km northeast from Þórisvatn who is the largest lake inIcelandbut made by man for the hydrology PowerStation you did drive past in Hrauneyjar and Sigalda. In Hágöngur is little known geothermal aria and some part under thelakeHágöngulóni.

In Nýjadal is 2 hut where you can stay over night, from there is walking path on the Tungufellsglacier where you walk on the glacier through flower beautify walley Nýjadal /jökuldal.

This is amazing trip in the beauty in the middle of desert I recommend you take.



Fjórðungsalda  is mountain who is in the center of Iceland and is 974 m over sea level.

Just few km from Fjórðungsalda is road to left nr F88 who goes to Eyjafjörd and skagafjörd but only on 4 wheels drive car it is possibility driving to  Kjölur road but I recommend that you take road to Laugarfell take a bath there and see the nature and take road back to F26and keep on going that road to the north.






Mjóidalur og Ishólavatn after that we have left the mountain road and coming to road 848




Kiðagil is the northern spot in the road Sprengisandur and getting short way to Aldeyjarwaterfall you must see. Where the glacier water pull his way through glen in  basalt rock and form this powerful waterfall where you will be stunned and don’t want to go.





Hiking and Bicycling

This part of the Interior offers a great variety of possibilities for short or long hikes/bicycling.  In most cases it depends on the individual traveler to decide which hillock or mountain is the best vantage point, or how far to go into the wilderness.  Long hikes or bicycling require good planning, preparations, and physical fitness.  The psychology has to be considered as well.  Sometimes the vast, barren landscapes, and the solitude overwhelmed hikers, who are travelling alone and do not meet a soul for days on end.



After the establishment of Europe’s largest national park, Vatnajökull, on June 7th, 2008, Nyidalur/Jokuldalur became one of the centers for the NP wardens.



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