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Here comes article about northwest Country,west and east húnathing,skagafjord,eyjafjord,both Thingeyjarcounty.

In the northern part of Iceland is Skagafjordur where you should take some time to explore and get inspired by the nature, the power of the rivers, and the silence in the mountain.

The history is everywhere you go in Skagafjördur , Hólar in Hjaltadalur have extensive history as Bishop centre in 7 centuries, the years 1106 to 1798. School was long at the same time Bishop Center. On Hólar were 36 bishops, 23 before and 13 after the Reformation. The most respectable bishops is likely Mr. Guðbrandur Þorláksson (1541-1627), high qualified and intelligent man likely most known for his reputation for printing, writing and translation.

Viking time

In the middle age  did happens in the area many fights on the Viking time Örligstada fight was 21. August 1238, Haugsnes fighting was 19.apríl 1246 where 100 people where kill and there was 1300 people fighting, it is the largest fight in Iceland history. You can go to see the fighting place and it have been build up memory stones on the place.

It have  been a lot of work to lay trails and put up marking on this historical places (Sturlungaöld) and all Saturdays during the summer will be guided tours.


If you want action either on horses or on rivers you are on the right place.

Iceland without horses is unimaginable ,get know these horses and let you self inspire, you can chose various trip from 1 hour to several days trip into the highland but for beginners 1-2 hours is recommended.

River rafting

You can choose from 3 river rafting difficulty Beast of the east 4+ out of 5, Wonderful West 2 out of 5 or River Rush 4+out of 5

Beast of the east is river rafting on Austar jökulsá, east Glacier River This river trip has consistently topped the Lonely Planet’s list of thing to do in Iceland and for good reason. Age limit: 18 year




Wonderful west is family rafting on Vestari Jökulsá, West Glacier River. Is one of our most scenic and fun trips! Rafting through majestic landscape, catch some air jumping off a cliff into the river .age limit: 10-12 years.




River Rush Three day rafting expedition on Austari Jökulsá ,”The east Glacier River “

This is Iceland’s ultimate river rafting experience and arctic rafting crown jewel and most popular expedition. Three day of adrenalin filled, action packed river rafting on Iceland’s best rafting river.


I recommend Bakkaflöt where you can find whip out, rifer rafting,accommodation, restaurant and hot tubs,camp-site.


Where to stay

I recommend stay in cottage in Varmahlið. There are different styles of cottages, each equipped with kitchen facilities, bathroom and shower, beds and lines and simply furnished living area .

The cottages are building around a natural hot tub at the center of this small village.

These cozy cottages are perfect getaway at any time of the year,








–          For the young and the young heart

–          For individual travelers

–          For honeymooners

–          For families

–          For birthday-, wedding- and other parties.

Other activity


It is museum at Glaumbær where there is the old farm as they were in centuries.







Car museum is in Stóra Gerði on the way to Hofsós for example there is a Studebaker truck how was build in 1949 and it is few of them left.






In Hofsós is the museum for the people who did go to America in the end of the 18th century. There is a wonderful swimming pool with scenery over to Drangey








You can find other activated as sea angling,boat trip to Drangey, subside rock.





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