5 Best Restaurants in Iceland

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Iceland’s culinary has placed special emphasis on the available food sources. The cuisine has been centered on the use of lamb, dairy and fish because of Iceland’s proximity to the sea. A number of restaurants in the capital Reykjavik specialize on fish and seafood which prides itself with the quality and freshness of the ingredients found in the country. Here are some of the restaurants that you can visit in Iceland that best represents its culinary tradition.



Seafood Cellar


Sjávarkjallarinn or the Seafood Cellar is a restaurant that has a history that dates back to the mid-19th century. The chefs in this restaurant have transformed the bounty of Icelandic seas into a world cuisine. The restaurant focuses on fusion cuisine which is evident in its menu. The ambiance is a great way to help rid anxiety because it uses modern style decorations that is not found in any other places in Iceland. You can try a fried langoustine that comes with a sauce of spruce, herb oil and buckthorn berries that comes from the sea. Its smoked cod is served with a garnishing of cod foam. The seafood dishes that they serve will no doubt give you the best value for your buck.  However, no matter how delicious these foods can be everything has to be eaten in moderation.  Otherwise, you will run the risk of suffering from the symptoms of anxiety and stress since too much eating is not good for your health.


Fish Company


Designed by Leif Welding and master chef Lárus Gunnar Jónasson, Fiskfélagið or the Fish Company is Iceland’s best place to have an adventure under a bridge. The unique atmosphere of the restaurant is a worthy treatment for stress. The window panes of the restaurant are from the Hafnarfjörður Free Lutheran Church which provides ambient lighting to the bar. One should try the seaweed with garlic-broiled langoustine and the fern tree-marinated cod with an Indian mix using curry. Indeed, the food they serve will definitely relieve you from stress and anxiety. These mouth watering dishes will certainly keep you coming back to Iceland.


Þrir Frakkar


ÞrirFrakkar is famous for bringing to fore the use of natural décor, a wide selection of seafood and rich servings of potatoes and vegetables for that balanced and hearty meal that you deserve. Critics say that it represents the “real Icelandic restaurant” as far as Icelandic culinary is concerned. The restaurant is conveniently located in the downtown area and is easily accessible from major shopping centers in the city. The specialties include salt cod, the plokkfiskur (fish stew) served with a black bread.


Við Tjörnina


ViðTjörnina is an award-winning restaurant from Reykjavik’s food critic circles. It is known for its cod-based meals, like the salt-cod mousse and the fermented shark. It is also known for the smoked lamb’s heart with an exceptional wine sauce. Their specialties are the marinated cod chins and the guillemot with port, garlic langoustine. If you have not yet experienced feeding the ducks, then you can also experience it when you go to this restaurant. You can ask for some leftover bread so you can feed the ducks since there is a pond adjacent to the restaurant.  This experience will add up to those memorable things that you have during your visit to Iceland.


Indian Mango


Indian Mango is a small Indian restaurant that is a must for visitors to the country. It is known for its beef, duck and fish dishes. The menu is a fusion of Indian and Icelandic pallet.


If you plan to visit Iceland, never leave without trying the gastronomic treats that you can try while on vacation. You will surely have a grand time tasting the history and culture of Iceland.  The cuisine of Iceland fused with various influences can really make your visit in this place an enjoyable experience. Add to that the cold climate and the warm dishes they serve which seem to be the perfect recipe for an unforgettable vacation in Iceland.






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